Layaway Plan

Welcome to the new KandiAddiction Layaway Plan.

How It Works

All of our items are available for layaway, even the out of stock items. There are 4 ways you can enter into a layaway plan; 1) by using code "LAYAWAY" at checkout and representative will call you to complete the layaway transaction. 2) you can call us at 714-580-3958 to place the layaway order. 3) come into the retail store to place items on layaway. 4) If you know the total of your layaway plan then you can complete the payment plan form below and get started right away.

Once all layaway payments have been completed then your items will be available to ship or come pick up.

Payment Schedule

Payments will automatically deduct from your account every 2 weeks from the date that you signed up.

Layaway Fee

There is a $5 non-refundable layaway fee that will be charged along with your first payment.


Layaway payments are automatically taken from you account on the schedule you select, payment date and amount can not be changed once set. Payments can be spread out how ever many weeks or months you like.


No deposit is required. The first payment, along with layaway fee, will be taken out of your account the same day that you sign up.


There is a 20% fee if you are wanting to cancel your layaway. This fee is based off of the payments you have already made.