Buying Program

Welcome to the KandiAddiction Buying Program!

If you are viewing this page then that means you have been selected to participate in our buying program. Congratulations and welcome to the team!

Buying Status: CLOSED


Please Note: If buying status is closed that means we are NOT currently accepting new packages and offering payouts. You may send in your package to be placed in queue for when buying status opens back up again.

How It Works: You work from home, United States only, making anything kandi related. You then send us a package packed full of kandi pieces that you have created. We asses each piece and price them out accordingly, per our pay out scale below. All sellers must be at least 18 years of age.

Pay Out Scale:

  • Singles: $0.50-$2 depending on what is on the single
  • Cuffs: $2-$20 depending on size and what is on the cuff
  • Perlers: $1-$15 depending on size (NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME)
  • Perler Necklaces: $5-$20 depending on size
  • Kandi Masks: $5-$30 depending on extras included on mask. Please DO NOT attach straps to mask, send without straps. Refer to our Mask Guidelines.
  • Other: If you send other pieces that are not listed they will be priced out accordingly.

How do I get paid? 

We payout every 2nd and 17th of each month via PayPal or Venmo. We do not payout on weekends or holidays. If payout lands on any of those days then you will receive pay the following day or the following Monday.

What items should I send?

Get creative with your items, you want to make sure they will move through our shop. Items that move quickly will give you priority in our buying process. These items should be something that you yourself would trade someone or want to take to an event. All items should be brand new and unused. Items we accept:

  • Singles
  • Kandi Cuffs 3D and flat
  • Perlers and perler necklaces
  • Kandi Bras
  • Kandi Backpacks 
  • NOW ACCEPTING kandi masks

Sending in you items: 

  1. Print the form at the bottom of this page and include it in your package. Make sure to complete the form entirely, incomplete or missing forms will void payout on your package. This is our way of keeping track of payout. We recommend completing the form online and then printing it out.
  2. We prefer that you pack your shipment full of items to make the most out of the shipping cost. Damaged or broken items will be reported to you immediately and will not be included in your payout. These items can be returned to you for an additional shipping fee.
  3. Make sure to include your shipping receipt, that way we can reimburse you your shipping costs. We will only reimburse shipping up to $12.00 so please ship wisely or contact us before shipping to discuss different arrangements. If the receipt is not in the package we will not be able to reimburse you. We ask that you chose the cheapest shipping method possible.
  4. Please notify us via text at 714-592-0023 that you are sending a package so we can keep an eye out for it.