About Us


Kandi Addiction was created with our kandi community in mind. Our mission is to allow "YOU" our kandi kids, ravers, EDM lovers, crafters, and festival goers the opportunity to come to a place where you can feel like family, at home, and learn about our community and get the supplies you need. We are dedicated to bringing you items that relate to kandi making and crafting to the EDM scene. KandiAddiction gives back to our community in many ways like free kandi making daily and free kandi making classes, along with our free bead giveaways! Since we are owned and operated by an "old school" raver we understand and remember how it is to be a kandi kid, this is why we offer the most competitive prices and promotions. Our prices and promotions are not to draw you in but are so we can help keep kandi making alive and spread plur!


Founded back in October of 2007 with the sole purpose of bringing kandi kids, ravers, crafters a higher quality pony beads and a beading company that is geared towards our community. We have been expanding into other aspects of the scene to provide edm gear at a more affordable price, also bringing you hand made items as well as merchandise from your favorite ig pages/companies. KandiAddiction provides excellent customer service and high quality merchandise. Our new merchandise is selected carefully to ensure its relevance to our brand and what we are trying to bring to our customers.

We hope you enjoy the new branding, direction, and merchandise.